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PRO Tips for Increasing the Chance of Getting the Financing Solution Approved

MONEY PLAZA is here to assist you in comparing and matching the right fit of financing solutions. Before downloading the MONEY PLAZA app to compare, enquire or to apply for a financing service, please check if you are eligible to get a high chance* of approval:

・Hong Kong Identity Card holder
・Aged 18 or above
・Residential Address Proof
・Proof of Employment or Salary Record
・Monthly Salary of HK$10, 000 or above

*If any item of the above list is not fulfilled, you may have a very low chance or unlikely to get a loan or re-financing solution from our partnering banks or financial institutions, which are carefully assessed.

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Personal loan

An array of personal loan ranging from unsecured loan to loans for property owners are available at MONEY PLAZA. Many financial institutions in Hong Kong are linked with TransUnion (TU) for credit score reference that it will be affected if you make multiple enquiries at the same time. Seeking an advice from MONEY PLAZA before applying would be a wise move to plan. All partnering financial institutions available for comparison at MONEY PLAZA are carefully assessed with valid license. Some financial institutions without money lender license are not governed by Company Register that you may fall into debt scam or pitfall if you mistakenly applied.


A mortgage loan is a loan secured by your property. It is a big decision to make that you will need professional comparison o assist in understanding which financial institutes to work with, ideally with the best interest rate. You will find the most suitable plan with MONEY PLAZA and there are exclusive rewards from time to time.

More Financial Solutions

We also compare various types of financing solutions for you such as SME loan, stock loan, loan secured by luxury collaterals and other instalment loans. Please download MONEY PLAZA and start a conversation at the in-app “Chat” function with our professional customer service representatives for your personalised plan.

We are always happy to assist you in choosing the right plan at the most favourable interest rate with the least impact on credit score, time and daily lives.


Why choosing Money Plaza

When you are in need of express cash for a hot fix, you may try applying to multiple financial institutions at the same time for more offer options. However, the result will go contrary to your plan: making multiple loan applications, say 4 in a month, may have a blow to your approval. Worse still, your credit score may be affected.

By using the comparison app of MONEY PLAZA, we will assist you in matching the best financial institution for your profile and needs. Your credit score will not be affected when using our free-of-charge matching services. You may even get a higher success rate.

About Money Plaza

Money Plaza started with a group of financial professionals, aiming at providing the most efficient financial comparison services with our mobile app. We are the first financing comparison platform running as a mobile app in Hong Kong.



MoneyPlaza比較多款還款期為12 至360個月之間的私人貸款、揭接及抵押貸款。實際年利率將視乎個別情況而定,介乎 2%至 59%。以下為借貸成本的參考例子:假如你借取一筆HK$200,000的貸款,還款期為24個月,實際年利率為7.54%,每月平息0.335%,那每月還款額應為 HK$9003.33,而總還款額則為HK$216080。

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